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Q-Can I order a hard copy of the magazine?

A-Yes! You will need to go to joomag.com and click on "newsstand." Once there type "lds teen magazine" into the search. Click on the issue you would like to order a hard copy of and then click "hard copy," and follow the directions from there!

Q-How do I subscribe?
A-You can find the subscribe button located on the Home page or the Subscribe page. Simply click on the "subscribe" button, and enter your email address.

Q-How do I view my magazine?
A-You can view LDS Teen Magazine on your computer or mobile device.

Q-Is LDS Teen Magazine like the “New Era” magazine put out by the LDS Church? A-Although we highly recommend the “New Era” magazine put out by the Church, this magazine is very different. It is a combination of fashion, fun, fitness and faith!  It is offered as a clean alternative to the teen fashion magazines that are available
Q-What can I expect to see in the magazine? A-Our motto is “Fashion, Fun, Fitness and Faith," and the magazine will have articles, images, and how-to’s on those subjects

Q-What ages are recommended for this Magazine? A-The recommended ages are between 12-18.  And although we pride ourselves on producing a clean and uplifting magazine for teen girls, discretion should be used as to whether this magazine is right for you (or your daughter)

Q-Why don’t you offer the magazine in print for a full subscription? A-We hope to in the future! But as of now, the prices are too high to offer a yearly subscription in print, and we want to make sure that LDS Teen Magazine is affordable to all
Q-What does “digital magazine” mean? A-You subscribe to it just as you would a printed magazine, but you view it on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Q-Is this magazine put out by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?
A-No, ldsteenmagazine.com and LDS Teen Magazine are not produced or distributed by the LDS church

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LDS Teen Magazne

Q-What is LDS Teen Magazine?  A-LDS Teen Magazine is a FREE, clean and uplifting digital magazine for young women ages 12-18


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